Update – the year so far

First of all, sorry for somewhat neglecting this site until now. If anything we have to blame this on the fact that a lot’s been going on this year – and we’re just half-way through yet.

Let’s have a quick recap

We started this year the way we ended the last: in London. Had a god time there, gorgeous weather, docklands, culture and squirrels.
Due to a lot of work (and a wee promotion) nothing really special happened except for two trips into Scotland: Hiking and tasting snow on 1.000m Beinn Fhionnlaidh in Argyll & Bute in March and The Great Glen, Urquhart Castle, bunnies and fancy dining in Inverness in June.

Oh, and of course we spent most of April in Germany!
We had a rather splendid time with old (from Germany) and new (from Scotland) friends in our beloved Berlin before we went on to see family and more friends spread across the country!

Early July we had a chance to do not just one but two things for the first time: visit Copenhagen and attend (and officially photograph) our first gay wedding.

There’s a lot more planned for the rest of the year, but I won’t give any of it away just yet …

Erst einmal müssen wir uns wohl dafür entschuldigen, dass hier seit Jahresbeginn so wenig passiert ist. In erster Linie liegt das daran, dass wir ziemlich viel zu tun hatten und auch einiges los war…

Darum also nun ein kurzer Rückblick auf das erste Halbjahr 2014.

Begonnen haben wir das Jahr, wie wir das alte beendet hatten: in London. Wir hatten eine wirklich gute Zeit, tolles Wetter, Kultur und Eichhörnchen.
Viel Arbeit (und eine kleine Beförderung) ist Schuld, dass danach nicht wirklich viel Spannendes passiert ist außer zwei Ausflüge innerhalb Schottlands: Wandern und Schnee-Kosten auf dem 1000 Meter hohen Bein Fhionnlaid im März, und etwas später Loch Ness, Burgruinen, Häschen und leckeres Abendessen in Inverness (der “Hauptstadt der Highlands”) im Juni.

Ach ja, den Großteil des April haben wir in Deutschland verbracht!
Wir hatten eine tolle Zeit mit alten (deutschen) und neuen (schottischen) Freunden in unserem geliebten Berlin, bevor es auf eine kleine Deutschland-Tour zu Familie und mehr Freunden ging…

Anfang Juli durften wir dann gleich zwei Dinge zum ersten Mal erleben: Kopenhagen und unsere erste schwule Hochzeit (die ich zudem als offizieller Fotograf betreut habe).

Für den Rest des Jahres ist bereits einiges geplant, aber verraten wird hier jetzt noch nichts …




Hiking in Argyll & Bute



Welcome to 2014

Damn, that was fast. Twelve months gone, just like that. Feels like only few weeks ago that we’ve been gawking at the awesomeness of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Or the Shetlands – has it really been ten months since we’ve been chased by cute ponies in the blizzard.

A lot has happened this past year. Again. We’ve seen many new places and cultures, travelled a lot, lost a MacBook (and got it back), Kris started a new job and Max graduated as Master of Science. We can only try to imagine what might happen in the year ahead.

But since we cannot look into the future and like to just let it happen, let’s rather take a wee look back at 2013:

Little Buddha Monkey buddhist monks tools Midsommar forest Souq Waqif Janus sheep Skye Shetland ponies Shetland landscape Shetland pony seagull camping Highland cattle Glasgow from above Glasgow underground Edinburgh rooftops Edinburgh traffic Doha skyline river folk on Tonle Sap lake jungle surrounding Angkor Wat the Buddha


Breaking News – the job search is over

Actually the search was over a week ago.

It took merely a week from the first interview (of two) to the final job offer. In the end I had two offers for permanent and equally interesting roles, so had to make a tough decision just over the first weekend of March. And today was already the first day in my new job. Right in the city centre – so lucky me can still easily walk when the rest of town is aching under two centimetres of heavy snow. And since the new place is more of an agency than anywhere I worked before I even wore my new geeky glasses for a bit of the day.*

I do have a good feeling. In terms of what’s to do, colleagues, company and the overall package. There’s a lot to do. The graphics department consist of three people (now, including me), a good base to share and evaluate ideas and thoughts. The rest of the fifty folks on site are mostly developers and software architects who build fancy tools and algorithms to analyse data for other businesses. Oh by the way, I am employed as a UI/Graphics Designer to help make that look nice.

And that’s it. What’s more to say after a first day anyway? Just wanted to let you people know that we’re not on the edge of starving anymore and everything still, or again, looks fabulous.

See you soon.


* Stefan, I know you’ll love to hear this 😉


Oh, before I forget:
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Breaking News

Autumn is nigh and one big problem finally solved – a job for kris.
Yes, I signed a contract and today was my first day at work. And about time too.

Working for Helixion now as UI/Graphics Designer, right in the middle of Edinburgh.
Initially for three months only but I hope to convince them that I am the right guy for the job and we’ll turn that into a permanent position.