Breaking News – the job search is over

Actually the search was over a week ago.

It took merely a week from the first interview (of two) to the final job offer. In the end I had two offers for permanent and equally interesting roles, so had to make a tough decision just over the first weekend of March. And today was already the first day in my new job. Right in the city centre – so lucky me can still easily walk when the rest of town is aching under two centimetres of heavy snow. And since the new place is more of an agency than anywhere I worked before I even wore my new geeky glasses for a bit of the day.*

I do have a good feeling. In terms of what’s to do, colleagues, company and the overall package. There’s a lot to do. The graphics department consist of three people (now, including me), a good base to share and evaluate ideas and thoughts. The rest of the fifty folks on site are mostly developers and software architects who build fancy tools and algorithms to analyse data for other businesses. Oh by the way, I am employed as a UI/Graphics Designer to help make that look nice.

And that’s it. What’s more to say after a first day anyway? Just wanted to let you people know that we’re not on the edge of starving anymore and everything still, or again, looks fabulous.

See you soon.


* Stefan, I know you’ll love to hear this 😉


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