Boom, there goes another year.

And what a year it was indeed. So many changes: new places, new faces, new challenges and new hopes for each and both of us. But let’s not get into this too deep now, after all it’s the reason for this blog and why you are reading it (and quite frequently too, I hope).


Anyway it was a great year and a lot of great things happened.
We moved to Edinburgh, explored a bit of Scotland, found awesome new friends, cool jobs, and are experiencing quite some different every-day life compared to Germany. With some of this writers favourite things being to opening times of supermarkets and the overall friendliness of the locals (and no, I am not in sarcasm-mode as so often). We did some great bike trips to the outskirts of town, learnt pretty soon that walking to most places is a lot faster than taking the bus, and came to like the strong wind here since there’s never more than one grey-sky-winter-day in a row.
And Max even got a new nephew and a new niece that year, bringing the total up to a whopping five!

We really enjoyed ourselves are excitedly looking forward to what the new year might bring. There’s definitely a lot on our list: more and farther bike tours, camping in the highlands, touring midnight graveyards and someone has to write a master thesis too.

The first exciting thing to happen though is a wee trip the Shetlands in early February. And shortly after that we’re hoping to welcome our best friends from Berlin in our humble home here in Sciennes. Yeah!

We hope that you all were able to enjoy that last year 2012 just as much as we did, and that you’ll be having a blast and even more fun in the year 2013 ahead! Stay tuned in on this channel for more updates, more awesome pictures and the usual gibberish.

all the best from Max and Kris!

Hogmanay Street Party

Hogmanay Street Party