Scotch Whisky

What would our Scotland Blog – Whisky and Pie – be without whisky and pie?

After a minor argument about responsibilities the Pie was appointed to Max, the Whisky was appointed to me. (That former statement did of course include some degree of sarcasm – you, dear reader, either noticed or you do not yet know us.)

Our aim is to release at least one article in both the Whisky and the Pie department each month.

For my part that means introducing you to new drams I’ve tasted, bottles I’ve opened and just inaugurating you to the world of Scotch. But no need to worry that I’ll be boring you with traces of honey and lime, fruity floral sweetness or hints of cinnamon spiced apple. I don’t know about that – I just love the taste (or I like, rather like or I don’t like it at all). But I will write about things like peat and smoke, taste, finish …

So, whisky it is. Or to be precise Scotch, Scotch Single Malt Whisky. Because (1) we are in Scotland, and (2) because of all the Whisk(e)ys out there I like Scotch the most.

And as a constant reader you might even learn one or two (scottish) gaelic words!
Uisge beatha meaning water of life – or just short: Whisky.


now don’t waste any more time – head right to the first whisky blog entry: Inchgower Vintage 1980

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