Inchgower Vintage 1980

The reason I chose this Single Malt for my first whisky post is a simple one: it’s been distilled in the year of my birth, actually just a few days after my birthday.

I haven’t heard of this distillery before I spotted that particular Signatory Vintage bottling, but I’m always fond of testing new malts and thought it was nice getting a Scotch that’s been distilled in one’s birth year.


Inchgower Signatory Vintage 1980

Inchgower Signatory Vintage 1980

The distillery

Inchgower is a Single Malt from the Speyside region in the Highlands. These are not necessarily my favorites since they are rather mild and fruity. But of course that doesn’t stop me from trying (and liking) them. As I learned, the Inchgower Distillery was built in 1871 to replace a distillery that stood there before. The distillery is still active today and produces something around two million litres of pure alcohol each year. Apparently most of this is used for blended whisky.  Unfortunately, for I really like what I tasted so far. There are really just a few Inchgower bottlings, and no official bottling at all (rather ‘Signatory’, ‘Rare Malts’ and ‘Flora & Fauna’ – probably too much input right now, sorry).


The malt

The Vintage 1980 is a naturally coloured Single Malt from a single oak cask. It’s light in colour and nose and appeared very smooth to me. It doesn’t sting in your nose or scratch down your throat. The kind of Scotch you’d like to have for dinner. (okay, I know this is too little information but i’m still in the process of learning to blog about whisky)

(see image below for all the facts)


Inchgower Vintage 1980

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