Welcome to 2014

Damn, that was fast. Twelve months gone, just like that. Feels like only few weeks ago that we’ve been gawking at the awesomeness of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Or the Shetlands – has it really been ten months since we’ve been chased by cute ponies in the blizzard.

A lot has happened this past year. Again. We’ve seen many new places and cultures, travelled a lot, lost a MacBook (and got it back), Kris started a new job and Max graduated as Master of Science. We can only try to imagine what might happen in the year ahead.

But since we cannot look into the future and like to just let it happen, let’s rather take a wee look back at 2013:

Little Buddha Monkey buddhist monks tools Midsommar forest Souq Waqif Janus sheep Skye Shetland ponies Shetland landscape Shetland pony seagull camping Highland cattle Glasgow from above Glasgow underground Edinburgh rooftops Edinburgh traffic Doha skyline river folk on Tonle Sap lake jungle surrounding Angkor Wat the Buddha


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