Camping in the Trossachs

We bought a tent, gas cooker and biological soap. The we thought about what to do with all that.

Camping, in the wild. Obviously.
June was the right time. Just after I was finished with work, we started off into the Trossachs National Park – very adventurous already I let Max drive the car.

When we arrived at the destination that looked kinda promising on the map (no, we’ve never been there before) it was dark and raining. Nevertheless we embarked on our quest to find the perfect spot for out wee tent. Both of us loaded with hiking rucksacks, proper boots and, of course, a tent.
Now, as mention it was raining and dark, we had tested the tent once before in the living room, neither of us knew this area … But we’re both professionals in hiking and camping (sarcasm alert) so we tried several spots, managed to get the tent not completely soaked, but in the end decided we actually liked the rented car quite a lot. So we spent the night in there.

The next morning the car felt a bit like a steam room, and it was still raining. Might have been worth checking the weather forecast. But then again, this is something for sissies.

We drove around, asked some people and actually found the perfect spot off the Duke’s Pass north of Aberfoyle.
This time, in dry weather and beautiful sunshine, we managed to get our tent up, found some wood and got a good fire going (reading this twice makes me wonder if this might sound a bit ambiguously).

And while the midges were eating us up we actually managed to take some pictures. Enjoy:

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